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Version 1.6

Version 1.5

Version 1.4

Version 1.3

Version 1.2

Version 1.1

Version 1.5.4 - November 2021

WD Study process and Permissions management:

  • New WDS ballot introduced
  • UI for Leaders to manage permissions at stage 20.00 and 20.60
  • Management of transversal and vertical roles
    • Parent committee officers will have read only access to the draft
    • Sibling committee officers will have read only access to the draft

Version 1.5.1 - October 2021

Improved commenting features:

  • Unique identifier number automatically applied to comments for easy referencing
  • UTC and local time automatically applied to comments placed
  • Possibility to Agree/Disagree (via a button click) with comments
  • Improved management of comments on locked clauses
  • Improved management of tags by leaders
  • Automatic resolution of proposed changes when accepted.
  • New comment filtering options: filter by commentor's name, date, element type (e.g. table, figure, formula)

Bug fixes and other improvements

Version 1.5 - September 2021

Bug fixes and performance improvements

Improved authoring features:

  • Improved numbering (Introduction, notes, examples, Annexes, Bibliography)
  • New feature to enable cross references to list items
  • Improved table authoring and styling
  • Improved terminology management

Improved user interface:

  • Improved visualization of lock statuses in the sheet frame headers of clauses

Content quality:

  • Spell checker now available from the content quality check

Comment and comment resolution

  • Export comments and/or resolution to excel

Version 1.4 - July 2021

Commenting | Read more: Add comments and proposals, Manage tags

  • Possibility to create proposed change (including motivation field)
  • Proposed change available on any element
  • Specific proposed changes for equations and figures
  • Possibility to tag comments with custom labels
  • Feature for leaders to create and manage custom tags
  • New filter pane available to review comments

Comment resolution | Read more: Resolve comments

  • New resolution types available to reflect directives
  • Possibility to apply proposed changed automatically (Text, Equations and Figures)

Export to Word:

  • Export to word available for Project Leader

Version 1.3 - June 2021

  • Document Structure | Read more: Manage clauses, Add annexes
    • The Structure menu at the top is no longer available.
    • Possibility to create clauses, sub-clauses, term entries, and additional annexes with one button click. 
    • Adding clauses and sub clauses from Foreword, and Normative references is no longer possible.
  • Outline: Drag and Drop Clauses | Read more: Manage clauses
    • An appropriate message is displayed when drag and drop action for a clause via the Outline tab is not allowed.
  • Removing mandatory clauses | Read more: Manage clauses
    • Mandatory clauses such as Foreword and Normative References can no longer be removed.
  • Commenting mode | Read more: Visualization tools
    • A new mode called Commenting mode to view the document is now available. This mode has limited features enabled: 
      • Possibility to view the document in read only mode.
      • The right hand panel is by default collapsed. It contains only the following tabs: Outline, Comments, and Search.
      • In this mode, it is only possible to comment on the document
    • This is the only mode available to users with Contributor permissions.
    • Users with Leader and Author permissions can switch between default view/edit mode and review mode.
  • Terminological entries | Read more: Terms and definitions
    • Terminological entries can be inserted from anywhere in the document. 
    • The Term entry will automatically be added under clause 3 Terms and Definitions
  • Tables | Read more: Manage tables
    • Enhanced possibility to format tables.
    • Cell(s) selection using mouse drag and drop is possible.
  • Normative References | Read more: Normative and Bibliographic references
    • Possibility to filter and search by organization while inserting a normative reference.
  • Authoring | Read more: Copy, cut and pasteAdd text elements
    • Possibility to copy paste of hyperlinks from external application such as MS Word.
    • Inserting symbols adds the symbol to a list of recently used symbols for easier inserting later.
  • Content Quality | Read more: Content quality check
    • Quality check tab is no longer available on the right side.
    • Quality check options are now available under Tools menu.
    • Content quality options are now JIT (Just in time) compatible, ensuring that it is activated for entire document and not just for currently loaded clauses.
    • Content quality can be filtered by categories.

Version 1.2 - March 2021

  • Technical upgrade

Version 1.1 - January 2021

  • Table styling
    • The options to manage the layout of tables have been enriched with borders, border styles and colors.
    • It is now possible to choose a set of cells / rows / columns on which you want to apply this styling.
    • All options are available via the "TABLE STYLING" menu:
  • Outline improvements
    • It is now possible to see in the outline the clauses that you are currently locking.
    • Improvements have been made when moving clauses in the outline. It is possible to move unloaded clauses.
  • Improvements to normative / Bibliographic references: 
    • Management of normative/bibliographic references to journals, books, websites,
    • Possibility to delete existing references from the Clause 2 and the Bibliography, with a control on the presence of the reference in the tex
  • Minor improvements & Bug fixing
    • Improvements in managing Footnotes, copying and pasting footnotes.
    • Improvements to the search engine.
    • Improvements to lists and lists behaviors.
    • Improvements to the management of terminological entries.
    • Numbering improvements.
    • Bug fixing, performance improvements.
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